A good logo is the essence of a brand and thus an important component of corporate identity and corporate design. Logos help all stakeholders understand what a company does and what values it stands for.

The point is to express the core of a company - its brand promise - in a symbol or lettering and to create a visual and communicative basis for all further measures of brand work.

Illustrative restaurant logo

Logo works for the allied offroad & outdoor shows ADVENTURE SOUTHSIDE and ADVENTURE NORTHSIDE

Label for a trading platform for used offroad and camping vehicles

 Logo of an engineering company | letterpress business cards

Company logo for at tax consultant's office

Company signet | official stamp

Photographer logo | photo by Dieter Sieg

Company logo of a micro brewery

Brewery logo | interim website

Brewery logo | embossed

Reconstruction of the former wine shop logo »Schampus« - - -> »Wein Campus«

Wine shop logo

Venue label

Company logo of a manufacturer of industrial coatings

Support association logo

Key visual / design element for a public indoor and outdoor pool

Logo of a city utility company | logo construction
Dynamic logo of a public foundation
Key visual for a seed company
Logo of a mechanical engineering company
Company logo | letterhead

Company logo of the finest design studio you can imagine​​​​​​​

Sustainability label

Logo of an ambulant nursing service​​​​​​​

Logo of an engineering and structural design office​​​​​​​

Project logo
Project logo

Magazine logo

Key visual

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